Elbow Pain

Do you have:

Forearm Rotation Contributes to Elbow Pain

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfers’ Elbow
  • elbow pain
  • Do golf or racquets sports hurt your elbow?
  • Does your elbow pain return again and again after repeated treatments?
  • Are you considering surgery for elbow pain?

Regardless of the label we place on the pain, elbow pain is a culmination of dysfunctional shoulder, arm, and forearm mechanics.

When you consider the elbow, it seems a simple joint. But that’s the problem with most treatments for the elbow–they are only looking at the elbow!

Half of the elbow is your arm bone, which is significantly influenced by where and how your shoulder blades are resting and moving. So, when looking at elbow pain, you must also consider the shoulder joint.

Most therapies focus on the wrist extensors or flexors by painfully digging into these muscles and releasing trigger points. Most of you reading this can attest to how fruitless this approach is because you’re still in pain or it keeps coming back. In my experience, these muscles are responding to deeper issues with the shoulder joint, which then affect the forearm positioning muscles. This is why many treatments are ineffective–because they are not looking at the underlying issues of the shoulder and arm. Without this understanding, pain will return again and again.

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