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Assessing the Pelvis in a Functional Position

You may have chronic pain or injuries that have prevented you from exercising. Or perhaps you’ve had surgery and aren’t sure how to get back into the swing of things. You may be an athlete saddled with chronic injuries and you aren’t sure how to move forward to continue strengthening while also fixing your pain. Or you just may want someone knowledgable about the human body to help you so you don’t get injured.

Training with me, you will learn what your weaknesses are and how to strengthen them. I never turn off my physical therapist “eye” so our workouts will be part rehab, part training, part Pilates based on your goals and what you need to accomplish. They will be mentally challenging as much as they are physically challenging!

If this sounds good to you, call me to get started on the right foot.

Ripped Abs & Arms

Name: Michelle
Age: 38
Michelle’s story: Michelle was never “heavy” although she had trouble losing that last 5-10 pounds. While she had a nice shape, she wasn’t able to become defined. We worked together to tweak her program and eating. While she worked out with me for a few months, she always wore baggy long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts. One day she came in and took off her baggy shirt to reveal a completely ripped body, any model would die for. She had her 6-pack, obliques, shoulders, triceps, biceps, thighs–everything was defined! I nearly fell over at her transformation.

In Michelle’s words: Rick Olderman, overall and complete balanced fitness….these are things I think of when I look in the mirror and realize the transformation that has taken place over my tenure as one of Rick’s platinum-treated clients.  As a weekly client of Rick’s, not only do I benefit from his concentrated attention to my physical well-being and development, but also from his natural intuition in taking into account my weaknesses and strengths, and perfecting those areas in my body.

I recollect a time, many times, when I would daydream of trim thighs, defined biceps, and a washboard abdomen….and now I have it, all of these, as well as balance and improved flexibility, and it is in deep thanks to Rick’s attention and extensive knowledge of his vocation, his encouragement and belief in making me the kind of person I had only yearned to be.  Rick keeps abreast of current fads, ideas, diets, exercises, stretches, and all of this only adds to the value I’ve received in spending one hour a week with Rick.


A 100% satisfied platinum-treated client.


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