Understanding Movement Habits Can Help You Fix Your Pain

The reason you have not received help yet is not because you are incurable. It’s because you have not been taught how different body systems link together to create pain free function.

Areas in the body or connected by anatomy and movement. For instance your back pain will involve how you are using your foot or knee when walking or standing. It will have a lot to do with how you bend over and stand up– all the little things you unconsciously do throughout the day that contribute to stressing your back.

If you have neck pain then we should consider the shape of your spine and your shoulder function. Do you have a rounded upper back or a flat upper back? This basic structural difference has a huge impact on both the shape of your cervical spine and the functioning of your shoulder girdle.

Foot pain means you must consider the lower leg muscles and walking habits. Do you walk with hyperextended knees? If so, this creates excessive force driven into the foot by virtue of tight muscles that have consequently developed from your walking pattern. This excessive force translates into various types of foot pain.

Elbow or wrist pain results from poor function of the shoulder girdle. Your elbow is directly affected by the position your upper arm bone is in when resting and moving. The upper arm bone is influenced both by muscles attaching to it as well as your shoulder blade positioning. All of these factors must be considered to eliminate your pain.

Once you understand some of these links, you will have control of your pain and be able to stop it. This can happen very quickly depending on your body awareness and your ability to be a good detective and identify pain-causing habits.

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