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Proper Support of the Arch Using Foot Orthosi

Not all foot orthoses are created equal! There are simple tests you can perform to assess your foot orthoses. I find that most orthoses don’t actually support the foot in the way the foot needs.

When you order foot orthoses through me, you can be assured the foot will be supported in the best way possible.

I also offer a discount to groups of 4 or more people purchasing and casting foot orthoses together.

Because there are many types of foot orthoses out there on the market, it’s important to educate yourself about how orthoses are supposed to fit prior to purchasing some for yourself.

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Chronic Foot Pain Gone

Name: Ken
Age: 45
Ken’s story: Ken worked in food service and was on his feet all day. He had developed chronic foot pain and after purchasing several pairs of shoes and orthoses, he was at a loss as to how to eliminate his pain. I cast his orthoses and within hours of putting them on, his pain disappeared.

In Ken’s words: For approximately three years I had suffered with a chronic injury to the joint on my left ankle from twisting it while running. I sought relief from physicians, cheap inserts from retailers, new shoes and the like. Massage therapy gave me some temporary relief but the pain and intense discomfort would always predictably return within too short a period of time. I must admit I was skeptical when Rick suggested orthotics but I was willing to try them because my level of desperation was growing and Rick had in fact given me some good advice in the past with regards to some back pain I had experienced.

I cannot say enough about this product and the time and care Rick took with me to ensure an exact fit. They have truly been a life-saver since I spend so much time on my feet. If everything else has failed your feet I encourage any skeptics out there…you owe it to yourself to give these orthotics a try.  MIRACULOUS !!!!!!

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