Sitting Can Affect Neck Pain

You’ve hired ergonomists and fitness professionals. Your employees have had countless therapy sessions, seen tons of specialists, and tried every gadget they can think of to get rid of their pain. They’ve even had costly surgery. You’ve probably started believing they don’t want to get better–but they do. It’s just that, like most others with chronic pain, no one has shown them how to yet.

I can help your staff understand what is wrong, show you how to fix it, and show you how to prevent it from happening again. You might be thinking, “We already have a wellness staff to take care of those issues,”. Well, how are they doing? I can train them to better help your employees. This will involve teaching them the why’s, when’s, and how’s behind your employees’ pain. We will also cover ergonomic changes to help your employees. By the time I’m done, it will be just like having me on staff–well, almost!

You could also bring me in to help your employees on site. I will evaluate and treat your employees, giving them exercises to perform to eliminate their pain. This is very effective because I can also observe them working and see exactly how their job is contributing to their pain. This may involve ergonomic recommendations or changes in how the employee does their job.

Lastly, I can reach all of your employees at once by bringing me in to teach a one-hour clinic. My clinics are unique in that I demonstrate the mechanics of pain on people from the audience to show how this information applies to real people with real pain.

Contact me now to begin helping your employees or train your staff  to help your employees.

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