Back Pain Clinic in Orlando, FL

One of the most powerful and affordable tools to help a group of people with a common complaint is to bring me in for a one-hour clinic. Whether you are a small group, convention, or a company with employees I can help you unlock the keys to the mechanics of pain (back, neck, hip etc.) as it pertains to your specific field, industry, or sport.

What makes my clinics so unique and effective is that I bring up volunteers with pain from the audience and show why the pain is happening and what to do to fix it.

Seeing a friend or colleague helped there on the spot, de-mystifies chronic pain for the audience and gives them the confidence and knowledge to fix themselves. These clinics are always exciting to put on because I never know what type of pain I’ll encounter. But I’m rarely stumped because the principles found in my books and which I use to treat people are applicable to anyone’s condition.

Call me now to help your convention, group, or company learn about their pain and how to fix it.

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