Shoulder/Elbow Stories

Recurring Shoulder Pain No More!

Poor Tracking of the Humeral Head Can Cause Shoulder Pain


Name: Sarah

Age: 32
Pain: Chronic shoulder pain
Story: Sarah is a Pilates instructor who had shoulder pain for several years. She had an operation on one of her shoulders, which helped somewhat but her susceptibility to tears and strains continued. Sarah had a particularly difficult issue–especially for shoulders- in that her ligaments were too loose to control her joints. One of the results of this was her arm bone sat more than halfway forward out of her shoulder socket. Sarah is a tall woman so this, together with the length of her arms, created abnormal stresses to her shoulder joints. Unlike other patients, working with Sarah would require time to create more stability around her shoulder joint. Her hard work paid off after about 6 visits and she has continued with me to begin a safe strengthening program. She is now stronger than she’s ever been.

In Sarah’s words: Working with Rick…has been a life changing experience. I was referred to Rick by a friend who told me he had some different approaches to treating shoulder pain. I was one year out of surgery and struggling with the same problems. Rick was the first person I saw who taught me WHY my shoulder pain had not gone away. My shoulder had been “fixed” but my biomechanics remained the same. As soon as I started exercising, the same problem arose.  After…changing my movement patterns and seeing Rick once a week, my shoulder feels better than it has in 3 years! We were also able to tackle an old back problem that I have had for over 10 years.

My back had become an issue after a car accident in 2000. I had countless rounds of PT, visits to doctors, and even steroid injections. Turns out my biomechanics were the culprit again. The summer before I met Rick was the worst ever! I got a puppy and was lifting her improperly and my back just shut down. After working with Rick, I now know WHY this happened and I am CONFIDENT that it won’t happen again.

I think the most rewarding part of working with Rick has been regaining confidence in myself. I now trust myself to workout hard and know I will be ok. I also have learned that being diligent about movement patterns really pays off.  No one said it would be easy, but it is SO worth it! Thank you Rick for helping me get my body back on track!


Unnecessary Tennis Elbow Surgery

Name: Gary
Age: 32
Pain: Chronic tennis elbow
Story: Gary came in with terrible tennis elbow pain and a golf tournament to play in a few weeks. He had been to a surgeon who had intentionally severed one of his forearm muscles to eliminate the pain. It didn’t.

During our exam, I noticed that when Gary held his golf club, his shoulders weren’t in the right position on his trunk. When I corrected this, his club head changed. I quickly realized his forearm rotator muscles were too tight. We stretched them out and his pain was completely gone. It took 3 more visits to correct the shoulder issues causing this to happen as well as strengthen his forearm muscles from the surgery. He played his golf game and was pain free.

In Gary’s words: I had severe tennis elbow pain for approximately two years, and had tried several unsuccessful practitioners and their associated recommendations for treatment with the obvious goal to eliminate it. The growing pain affected everything I did—I couldn’t even lift my hand to my mouth or button my shirt without pain. A surgeon operated on my elbow, which provided mild relief, but my elbow was still a long way from norm and ready for action. A personal trainer recommended I see Rick who, in just a few sessions, immediately got me on track and completely eliminated my elbow pain. My elbow pain is now gone and my life back to norm, I can’t thank him enough!


Tennis Elbow Disappears

Name: Sandy
Age: 46
Pain: Chronic shoulder pain and tennis elbow
Story: Sandy is a housecleaner and golfer who had trouble gripping items due to elbow and shoulder pain. I found her shoulder blades sat too low on her trunk and too far to the outside. This caused compensations in her arm bone and then forearm creating her shoulder and elbow pain. She was 95% pain free in 4 visits and 100% painfree after some more practice modifying how she was working.

In Sandy’s words: I started seeing Rick after many months of back, arm, and just all over muscle aches and pain. I’m only 46 and thought I should not feel this bad, and do not want these problems as I do grow older. A very good friend of mine recommended Rick, so I made the appointment. After just 2 visits I noticed a big improvement, the pain factor was minor and I now knew how to address it to ease it. Now after 4 visits, I feel so much better, I have a simple routine to keep myself in check, and now, am working on a strength program with Rick to keep my body strong as I do get older.

If you want to feel good and stay that way, make the first appointment, you won’t regret it!