Neck/Headache Stories

15 Years of Migraines Gone!

Muscles Controlling the Scapula Affect Neck Pain & Headaches


Name: Sarah
Age: 37
Pain: Chronic neck pain and headaches for 15 years.
Story: Sarah had been in back-to-back auto accidents 15 years earlier and had suffered from neck pain and debilitating migraines since. She had depressed shoulders and poor shoulder girdle strength. She corrected her shoulder girdle positioning together with strengthening to improve resting and moving function. I also taught her how her current movement habits contributed to her pain. She was about 90% better in 3 visits and 100% better in another couple of visits.

In Sarah’s words:I visited neurologists, physical therapists, and chiropractors. I tried massage and bio-feedback to treat my severe migraine and tension headaches. Rick was the only one to successfully address the complicated set of issues causing my chronic pain. For the first time in 15 years, I am pain-free!


Chronic Neck Pain Disappears

Name: Cynthia
Age: 49
Pain: Chronic neck pain
Story: Cynthia was in town for one day and so we made the most of her visit. As an optometrist, she had awkward working postures together with note-writing which irritated her neck for years. We found she a flat thoracic spine, which contributed to her shoulder blades not resting or moving correctly. The muscles attaching from her shoulder blades to her neck, therefore, caused chronic pain. I gave her a couple exercises to correct these issues and explained why she had neck pain and the posture she needed to adopt to correct it. She did the rest.

In Cynthia’s words: After only one visit with Rick I noticed immediate relief from my chronic neck and knee pain! Rick was able to diagnose my problems and explain the causes quite thoroughly. He prescribed simple exercises from his books “Fixing You: Neck Pain” and “Fixing You: Hip & Knee Pain”. I had previously noticed temporary relief from my neck pain after hatha yoga classes and massages but the neck pain would return by the next day. By incorporating Rick’s advice on postures and movements into my daily routine, I have decreased my incidence of neck and knee pain by 99 percent! I definitely recommend Rick’s services and books if you have recurrent joint pain.


Years of Stubborn Headaches Gone

Name: Nicole
Age: 39
Pain: Chronic neck pain and headaches especially during stressful times.
Story: Nicole came to me with two goals, one for her neck pain and the other for fitness. I made the mistake of beginning her fitness goals before she was ready and so it took a little longer to help her. Once I was back on track, she was better in two sessions. Her thoracic spine was excessively rounded which caused some shoulder positioning problems. But she fixed herself and is doing well.

In Nicole’s words: I started going to Rick in January of 2010 and, quite frankly, I was skeptical, to say the least. I had suffered from headaches all my adult life and was set on trying to live my life as a headache sufferer, but decided to see what Rick had to say. In the beginning I was surprised by how much I learned in every session about my head, neck, shoulders, and range of motion. I guess I wasn’t expecting such a physiological approach to my headaches. That was new, but I was intrigued, and like a sponge, I really started getting into learning all I could about the effect my neck and shoulder muscles had on my head. Now, I really did not want to read a medical textbook in the process, so when I picked up Rick’s book, again I was surprised at how straight forward it was. It spelled out Rick’s thought process on my areas of concern, talked about how to strengthen those areas, and most importantly how to move forward to support continued success.

Our sessions continued–and every time Rick would ask, “Have you had a headache?” I will never forget his face the time I had to be honest and say, “Yes”– he was really (upset). I was intrigued and surprised at how personally Rick took the news–you would think he had the headache! I was flattered that he really cared about the fact that regardless of what we were trying I got a headache.

Much to my surprise at our next session Rick was ready to try some new stretches and had new ideas on how to tackle my issues. This was a turning point in my mind, I was starting to get “mad” at my headaches too and slowly beginning to acknowledge, that maybe just maybe I could battle my headaches without medication–a solution every other health care provider wanted to do to resolve my issue.

I am happy to say that I feel we have gotten to the root of my headache triggers, and without Rick’s personal dedication to my concerns I am not sure I ever would have found out how my shoulder played a part in my headaches. Seriously a shoulder (depressed scapula) – who knew? Well Rick figured it out! Ask him for the details!

Can I state matter of factly, I will NEVER suffer another headache in my life? Well obviously not, however I can state in all sincerity, I have the tools, the exercises and the resource (Rick) to know how to offset a headache and that –I do not have to live with headaches for the rest of my life!


Finger Numbness No More!

Name: Doniese
Age: 52
Pain: Chronic neck pain and numbness in hands and fingers with activity
Story: Doniese complained of years of headaches, neck pain, and numbness in her fingers—especially with overhead activities. We found that her shoulder blades sat too low on her trunk, compressing nerves exiting her neck. Also, she had developed an unnatural neck movement pattern, when using her arms, which contributed to her neck pain. After 3 sessions she was in complete control of her issues. She was given maintenance exercises to correct her shoulder blades. Ultimately she needed to change how she reached overhead. Once she accomplished this, her maintenance exercises were no longer necessary.

In Doniese’s words: I just wanted to tell you that I had some tingling and numbness in my fingers on my right hand this morning, and it is usually indicative of a pinched nerve, at least it has always been that in the past.  So, I did my stretching exercises that you gave me, and my tingling and numbness went away immediately!  I also did a bit of painting touch up on the ceiling in one of our rooms to get that piece completed so I could put the room back together again.  It usually tightens me up for a few weeks, and it started to do this again, and I did some more reps of my exercises and it has begun to loosen up again.

I just wanted to say thank you!  I am not giving up on these exercises ever!  I am learning how to adjust the angle of my neck so that I can keep a long easy neck, and not have the tension build.  So much benefit!