Hip & Knee Stories

Sidestepping Hip Surgery

Poor Gluteal Function Causes Hip Pain


Name: John
Age: 50
Pain: Severe hip pain for several years.
Story: John was an active attorney who played basketball and golf. He exercised several days each week but had hip pain that had progressed through the years. His doctor told him his hip was bone-on-bone and that surgery should happen very soon. We found that John’s leg bone was not sitting well in the hip socket nor moving well. This was due to some key pelvic muscles that are supposed to control this bone. Also his leg bone was rotated outward. I taught him to stretch some key muscles and strengthen his gluteal muscles to control the thigh bone better. Then we adjusted his golf stance to accommodate his rotated femur. I also told him how to post off his leg differently during lay-ups in basketball to decrease stress to his hips. After 4 visits, he was 95% better. John is now 100% painfree and working out with me one day each week to maintain his strength and stretching program. His latest visit to his doctor showed thickening of his cartilage. The doctor put off the surgery recommendation for another 5 years.

In John’s words: I had severe hip pain since 2002 after playing golf in Ireland. It interfered with golf, basketball, exercise, and general daily living. Often I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. Doctors were ready to operate when I decided to give Rick a try. It is completely gone now and I’m playing sports without any discomfort as well as sleeping at night.


Running on Empty

Name: Kristin
Age: 38
Pain: Severe hip pain after 3 miles of running.
Story: Kristin had lost about 60 pounds in the last year. She was beginning a running program to stay in shape and continue her amazing transformation. However she developed stabbing hip pain after about three miles of running. We found her hip joint was not moving correctly, due in part to her foot strike pattern, which consequently weakened her pelvic muscles responsible for controlling her hip. I taught her how to walk and then run properly to turn on the right muscles at the right time. She was painfree after one visit. We then trained her how to run reinforcing her new knowledge.

In Kristin’s words: Before working with Rick, I could only run about 3-4 miles before excruciating hip pain would cause me to have to stop….I just figured that it was arthritis and that I was clearly not meant to be a longer distance runner.  After just a couple of sessions with Rick in which he fully evaluated my posture, stride, etc., he was able to diagnose the problem (weak gluteal muscles and hyper-extended knees among other things) and re-train me to walk properly, fully engaging my glutes and thus to also run properly.

In addition to that, he took me out of my so-called “shock absorbing” cushy sneakers and into good ol’ flat Chuck Taylors, in the spirit of the barefoot running style, (“Just a piece of rubber between you and the road” as Rick puts it) and I am happy to say I am now running 10 miles with absolutely no pain!  I wouldn’t have believed it possible with such minor adjustments and exercises that Rick taught me had I not experienced it myself…it is truly nothing short of miraculous.

Rick has an incredible gift in his knowledge and practice of body mechanics and I am the first to encourage anyone experiencing any type of chronic pain to see him and/or employ his easy to follow methods found in his books.


Needing Knee Help!

Name: Kathy
Age: 57
Pain: Knee pain while walking, stairs, and getting out of a chair.
Story: Kathy was an active woman who had developed knee pain several years earlier. It had gotten bad enough where it was affecting most of her daily activities. We found her leg bone rotated inward too easily, too often, and too much during the day. I taught her to walk in a way that would strengthen the muscles controlling the knee rotation. She was pain free in 3 visits.

In Kathy’s words: Rick Olderman… works with you to make the most of what you have. Faced with new limitations due to the natural aging process, Rick helped me continue to keep an active life style despite some painful hip and leg involvements. He carefully assesses your situation, listens to your goals, then devises a plan to help you work with existing conditions. He taught me some successful strengthening exercises and worked with me to develop alternate ways of moving, walking, running, and playing sports so that I could continue to stay active and avoid painful results. I am forever grateful, and hope to continue being active until a ripe old age!


Whispering Words of Wisdom

Name: Robyn
Age: 42
Pain: Hip pain while running.
Story: Robyn had hip pain while running and during her day. It had gotten to the point where she couldn’t run anymore for exercise. I found her femurs were rotated and key pelvic muscles were not working properly. We then adjusted her walking and running mechanics to turn these all-important muscles on. She was painfree in 2 visits.

In Robyn’s words: You have heard of the “Horse Whisperer”. Well, I call Rick the “Body Whisperer”. He seemed to have a second sense about how to diagnose and help me cure my injury. I have worked with other trainers and physical therapists but Rick made a difference for me in just two sessions. He really gave me revolutionary ideas that changed the way I was doing things. Thanks Rick!