Back Stories

The following are real stories from real clients about the results they experienced after working with Rick on their Back Pain.

Pelvic Muscles Contribute to Back Pain

Backing Off Back Pain

Name: Ellen
Age: 65
Pain: Severe back pain for several years. Unable to exercise or hike without pain.
Story: Ellen came to me at the suggestion of her Pilates instructor for severe back pain. She was in excellent shape however couldn’t do the things she wanted anymore such as hiking or camping. She has significant spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis, two issues which directly affect the vertebrae of the spine and potentially cause pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots exiting the spine.

We found though that her pain was caused by excessive forces pulling her lumbar spine into a greater arch or curve. I gave her exercises to correct the problems we found and she was 75% better after one week (1 treatment) and about 90% better in 3-4 weeks (three treatments). This was in large part due to Ellen’s commitment to her program–she really focused on her problems and the pain disappeared quickly.

In Ellen’s words: At the suggestion of a mutual friend and after dealing with severe back pain for a long time, I finally went to see Rick about 2 months ago. I can’t describe how happy I am with all he has done for me!

I was diagnosed with severe stenosis and spondylolisthesis about 5 years ago and was told that immediate surgery was my only option for possible pain relief. Not being willing to accept that as my only choice, I sought a second opinion, which was essentially the same except for the immediacy of the surgery. In the interim, I’ve tried physical therapy, spinal steroid injections, treatment by an Osteopath, yoga and ongoing Pilates sessions. All of these provided some degree of relief, but nothing significant and nothing enduring. I was about to give up and schedule the surgery when I began to see Rick.

He has taken more time to do a careful and thorough diagnosis than all of the others combined! He’s very knowledgeable and thoughtful about what he does and explains all of the complicating factors to me in a way that a layman can understand. This has helped me to be able to help myself. His comprehensive approach, supported by his extensive and diverse background, enables him to discover the causes, not merely treat the symptoms of what for me is a combination of muscular/skeletal issues, injury, and bad habits over a number of years.

With his help, I’m experiencing much less pain than before and have actually had pain-free days for the first time in years. Surgery is no longer in my plan! In terms of all the activities I had given up, his philosophy is “I want you to get your life back” …and it’s working. You’ll find him to be serious about fixing things, but fun to work with. He’ll work you hard, but you’ll enjoy it and it will work.

Finally, Rick is a wonderful, caring person who not only has the knowledge and skills to help but who seems to understand how we feel. He has a great deal of empathy and a kind, supportive manner about him. You’ll respect him as a professional and like him as a person! I guarantee it!!!

Back Pain After Pregnancy

Name: Marni
Age: 35
Pain: Severe back pain for several months after giving birth to her children. Unable to exercise or do daily work without pain.
Story: Marni was a new mom. Between giving birth and suddenly picking up heavy, squirming kids, her back couldn’t handle it anymore. We found that her pregnancy had altered the shape of her spine and caused one of her pelvic bones to become rotated. I explained this to her and taught her how to correct these issues as well as how to bend and pick things and kids up to help her back. She required one visit and was painfree.

In Marni’s words: I am very excited about my new pain-free lifestyle since seeing Rick! I have had chronic back pain for over ten years, and have seen several chiropractors, trainers, massage & physical therapists. I have a physically demanding job, and an active lifestyle, both of which have suffered due to constant pain.

Rick’s analysis was extremely thorough. For the first time, someone was not only confident that they could take the pain away, but explained why the pain was there. As it turned out, the answers were in places no one had suggested before. After the first visit the pain was significantly improved.

The most impressive thing about my treatment was that instead of just manually fixing me, he gave me exercises to fix the problem. With a little commitment, I now have the tools to be pain free forever. That is a breath of fresh air. I can’t recommend Rick’s services enough, and will definitely be back.

Glad to be Golfing Again!

Name: Bob
Age: 54
Pain: Golfer with severe back pain off and on for years.
Story: Bob was a middle-aged businessman who loved golf as well as other sports. His pain had gradually gotten to a point where he couldn’t exercise or play sports anymore. We found Bob had rotated femurs and pelvis, which contributed to his back pain. I taught him to stretch some key muscles, change his standing and sitting habits and slightly modify his golf stance to remove stress through his pelvis. His pain went away after three visits. We continued on with personal training and I taught him how to strengthen to reinforce his new understanding of the source of his back pain.

In Bob’s words:A few years ago, my back pain had reached the point where I needed to do something if I wanted to continue to participate in any type of physical activity. I had enjoyed golfing, skiing, jogging and a number of other activities, however I had reached the point where I couldn’t enjoy any of these without a lot of pain. If I played a round of golf, I was in pain on virtually every shot and suffered for the next couple of days.

I needed to do something so I started looking at options. I spoke with my doctor and was referred for a couple of injections, I then tried therapy and neither worked. Although not something I wanted to do, I seriously began to look at surgery as a last resort.

A friend who was working with Rick recommended that I give him a try.  This turned out to be great advice as once I started working with Rick on rehab and a strengthening program, the pain virtually disappeared. Now if pain does come back, I know why and what I need to do to fix it. I recently spent eight days, in Ireland, playing golf, pain free. This is something I wouldn’t have thought possible before I started working with Rick.

ATV Accident

Name: Chanin
Age: 39
Pain: Severe back pain after she rolled her ATV on vacation.
Story: Chanin is an active hair stylist who was out having a good time on her ATV when it rolled over her. She came to me after being in pain for about a month. We found that her pelvis was rotated contributing to stress to her back. This pelvic rotation, however, wasn’t a result of her ATV accident. It had been established long before. The ATV accident actually exposed this vulnerability that she had created over the years. I taught her how to correct and maintain the corrected pelvis. Painfree in one visit.

In Chanin’s words:This summer I had an accident on my ATV. I was not seriously injured, but I was in A LOT of pain in my lower back. A friend recommended I see Rick. I am so glad I did! He is amazing. Rick figured out that my accident had exacerbated an old injury. He then, I swear, ‘fixed’ me in a matter of minutes by a series of stretches he helped me do. That afternoon the pain disappeared. I still feel no pain and it’s been almost 6 months!

Walking Wounded

Name: Shelly
Age: 50
Pain: Severe back pain on and off for a few years
Story: Shelly worked in an office and was active. Her pain would come and go, but this time decided to stay. We found some problems that pulled her spine into an unnatural position and that it was rotated. A major contributing factor were her walking mechanics which destabilized her spine, making it more vulnerable. I taught her to correct the muscles pulling her spine into more of a curve and she had to learn to walk differently. This stabilized her spine and pelvis. She was painfree in 3 visits.

In Shelly’s words:Rick Olderman was great at the first visit and checked the weakness and pain in my lower back. He… explained the how’s, what for’s, and why’s for everything working as it should. He checked my shoe orthotics, as well, and, even though I thought I knew how to walk, I didn’t. Rick showed me how to walk correctly, making sure I wasn’t continuing in my bad habits.

The second visit was a confession on my part that I really hadn’t done the exercises, finding lots of excuses why I was unable to do them (not enough time… etc.). Rick totally understood and said he could give me two exercises that should help my back issues. Two very simple exercises AND…he retrained me how to walk.

I am thrilled to say that I no longer have lower back pain and I believe it is because of Rick’s help and knowledge. Oh my goodness! What a difference it has made. I feel better; I stand taller; I truly have more energy to continue in my Pilates and Yoga classes and plan to also sign up for Tai Chi. Plus, I’ve ordered some new shoe orthotics from him and I know they will help my posture and core.

If you need a recommendation, call me. I’d be happy to talk with anyone about my experience.