1st Place Finish in the 2018 Mountain Rats Heavy Half Marathon!

Let me just start by saying I worked my butt off for my first place finish–no matter what you read below don’t forget that! As you know, I ran this race last year and blew myself up. I was determined not to let that happen this year. I’ve learned a lot this past year about pacing myself, eating right before the run, and training more specifically for these trail races.

1st Place Finish in the 2018 Mountain Rats Heavy Half Marathon!This time I paced myself with a few people. They’d often pull away from me but I kept running patiently, eventually passing them–just like everyone passed me last year! So I just bided my time while these people chatted away and were all bouncy and leapy like mountain goats. I think they thought that once that first big climb was over, the rest was downhill.

I learned earlier this year in my Fruita race that I need a lot more food the morning of the race. Running is really hard for me. There I ordered a small pepperoni  pizza to eat the morning of the race and I did pretty well. Rinse and repeat, I ordered a delicious Ditka pizza from Pickup’s Pizza in Eagle and ate it the morning of the race–I was not hungry at all during the race.  My energy felt good, even though my legs were screaming at times.

With the horror of last year’s race still fresh in my mind, I knew I had to train better this time. I tried my treadmill workout that I used for Fruita but it was too hot in my clinic. Luckily one morning, my son’s soccer coach decided to have a workout at Red Rocks Amphitheater near Morrison. This is an awesome and inspiring place to work out as hundreds of people use it on weekends for creative, gnarly training. While the team worked out, I ran the stairs along the side of the amphitheater. I figured I needed more up and down training for the race and what can be more up and down than stairs? So for the next hour I just ran up and down again and again. This pretty much kicked my butt and when I returned to the team, turns out their workout had kicked their butts too as a few of them had thrown up–and their coach wasn’t far behind. That was my workout for the next three weekends leading up to the Heavy Half in Eagle yesterday.

1st Place Finish in the 2018 Mountain Rats Heavy Half Marathon!Turns out I did alright, I came in with a time of 2:40 for the 14.1 mile race, 17th out of 87 overall and beating last year’s time by 17 minutes. More importantly I didn’t suffer nearly as much as last year and finished strong. I’m really proud of myself for making it through and earning a 1st place finish in my age category!

Too bad I was the only one in my age category. So I suppose, once again, technically I’m last place!

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