Showing Up Has Its Rewards

Last Sunday, my wife, daughter and her friends (my 12 year-old son was too cool for us and quickly split off with a friend) wandered down to the Highland Haunt (sponsored by The Amy Berglund Team, thanks Amy!) to go trick or treating. Earlier I was folding laundry from my clinic and found a threadbare sheet that needed to be retired. I decided to go retro this year and make this nearly transparent sheet an old-fashioned ghost. So I cut out two holes, black greased around my eyes, and popped my straw hat on top to hold it all in place. Took about 3 minutes.

After wandering around and looking at everyone’s creative costumes, we decided to watch a costume contest with a bunch of kids–adorable! Gradually though the contest included adults and I, as an adult male, entered at the insistence of my daughter. Granted there were only five of us but clearly these others had put in some time and thought in their costumes. I felt a bit embarrassed for myself. But after some heated debate among the judges, Spiderman and Captain America, to my shock I won second place! That’s me below being shocked.

My proud daughter and her 2nd place dad

The feeling of incredulity and complete wonderful surprise reminded me of my second place finish (or last place as my family keeps reminding me) running the Mountain Rats Heavy Half Marathon. You can read that blog here.

My second, 2nd place finish reminded me of the important life lesson that sometimes just showing up and doing something is enough. Because of this important lesson, I’ve made a commitment to show up more often–as well as listen to my daughter.



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