KISSing Hip Pain Goodbye

I recently had a patient come in with right-sided hip pain in the buttocks area. My evaluation showed an elevated R ilium about 1.5 inches higher than the L. Anterior femoral glide syndrome (where the head of the thigh bone slides forward in the hip socket), retroverted femur (a thigh bone that is rotated outward), tight hip flexors, a depressed R rib cage (sitting lower than the L by about 1/5 inch), poor gluteal timing (hamstrings fired prior to the glutes) and a right hyperextending knee when he walked.

So we set about fixing all these issues. One by one we corrected them but after 3 visits, his pain still didn’t change. Then one day he crossed his R ankle over his L knee while working for 5 minutes and when he put his leg back down, there was no pain. It’s been several days and still no pain.

He looked it up and announced that he figured out that he had piriformis syndrome and that he fixed it.

I laughed to myself because his solution was so simple while I was looking at the complex. Granted all his findings during the evaluation create an overly worked piriformis but I couldn’t tell him that. All he knew was that his pain was fixed. It’s a good lesson for me that, while looking at all the things that feed an issue–keep in mind that I still have to fix the issue too. A good lesson for me!

Chalk one up for the KISS method–Keep It Simple Stupid!

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