I'll work with you to identify the root causes of your pain, whether it is chronic, acute, sports-related, or a result from an accident or surgery.

How Do I Help People?

I am a physical therapist, personal trainer, and Pilates instructor who integrates all three disciplines to help people fix their pain. In our first session you will learn why you have pain and begin a program to correct your issues. This will involve teaching you how to use your body to help it repair itself.

I explain these principles in my easy-to-read books which offer great illustrations of key issues causing pain in most people. The exercises in my books can be found on my Fixing You website to help you get it right.

I also help companies or groups by giving hands-on clinics teaching employees or staff the reasons we have chronic injuries. My unique clinics feature live demonstrations of these principles on people from the audience with pain. They’re quite exciting!

All this and more can be found on my Services page.

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Why Can’t My Injuries Heal?

Because you’re still in pain has nothing to do with your ability to heal. Your body’s natural state is to be pain free. Why then are you suffering from chronic pain? The answer most likely lies in the fact that you haven’t been taught the connections between your impaired movement habits and the muscles that control them.

Painful movement habits have taken on the guise of “natural” movement. These ingrained patterns have created vulnerabilities which are then exposed during accidents, falls, or simply picking dirty laundry off the floor.

Fixing your pain will require you to correct these movement faults as well as specifically strengthen or stretch muscles contributing to them. One cannot occur without the other.